Mate Madness in Montevideo

What do Lionel Messi, Luis Suárez and Pope Francis have in common? Well, they are Argentinian and Uruguayan - but that's not what I mean. They all drink mate, a tea-like infusion that is popular around here. In fact it is not merely a drink, it is a ritual. I am not exaggerating when I… Continue reading Mate Madness in Montevideo

Checking out Brutalist Architecture in Buenos Aires

Little did I know that Buenos Aires has its fine share of Brutalist Architecture... I was able to visit two masterpieces today: Biblioteca Nacional by Clorindo Testa, Francisco Bullrich and Alicia Cazzaniga de Bullrich Banco de Londres y América del Sur by Clorindo Testa and SEPRA (Santiago Sánchez Elía, Federico Peralta Ramos and Alfredo Agostini)… Continue reading Checking out Brutalist Architecture in Buenos Aires